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Another chapter of weight loss has begun for me; this time with my son.  I had to take him to the doctor the day after Christmas for a sinus infection and was not happy with the weight on the scale for him.  I’d lost about 20 pounds during the cancer treatments and death of my husband, and Evan seemed to have found it.
I used to weigh about 180 pounds more than I do now, but still have weight to lose.  Now that I need to try to get some weight off my son, we’re going to tackle it together.  I’m doing well so far (down 10 pounds since January 5th). Not sure yet about him because when I put him on my scale (a digital one) he moves around too much for it to get a reading. It just says “E”.  But he’s eating pretty much what I am at home, so I think he’s doing well.  He’s starting to reach for apples and carrot sticks instead of the chips he devoured before.  Now with my husband gone, I’m the last line of defense for my son and I need to set a good example for him and also make sure I’m going to be around to care for him as long as possible (he has autism and is non-verbal).
To that end, I’ve just created a printable food and fitness planner for myself and wanted to offer it for you as well here in my Etsy shop.  This one is black and white. You can find other colors (uploading momentarily)This is a digital download, there will be no physical product shipped to you. The benefit of this is you can print out just the pages you need and you can print them over and over again!It’s 37 pages of charts and logs to keep track of your food and fitness goals, logs, and progress. (You’ll be printing out the same pages multiple times in some instances for daily plans, charts, etc.)
This one is black and white but you can find a rose pattern here and a geometric pattern here! (sample image at bottom)

Here is what’s inside! —>

2020 year at a glance (the only dated page in the planner)
Breakfast Ideas
Lunch Ideas
Dinner Ideas
Snack Ideas
Commonly Consumed Meals
2-page Grocery List (I’ll be printing this out weekly or monthly)
Habit tracker (weekly)
Habit tracker (yearly)
2-page Daily Food and Fitness log (this is the heart of it). It includes
Space for:

*Date, day number, and day of the week
* Meals and snacks for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
and three snacks. Tracking calories, carbs, fat, protein, and two empty columns to track anything else you’d like to track. (I’ll be printing this out daily). This spread tracks:

*Water consumption
*Today I feel
*Today’s verse or phrase
*Currently list
*Prayer check off
*Reflection box
*Today’s weather check off boxes
*Medication and supplements check off boxes
*Sleep log
*Journal today check off boxes
*Thoughts area
*Calories burned today
*Weight progress met response
*Today’s weight box
*Workout summary (steps, miles, other activity)
*Heart rate log

2-page measurement and weight progress
Mission statement page
Monthly brainstorming (undated) calendar
Monthly dinner (undated) planner
Monthly review
Monthly step tracker
Monthly workout planner
Progress charts
Progress photos
2-page vision board spread
Weight and measurement progress tracker
Weekly workout planner
Weekly workout tracker
Yearly goals pages
Yearly progress
Cover and inside cover

And a printing instructions sheet

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of information. Just print out what YOU think YOU would use! 🙂

Here are the thumbnails of the pages included. The originals are high resolution and without the watermark:


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Thank you for your consideration!

Here’s a sample of the geometric and rose patterns:

other versions

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