2020 Financial Planner Printable with a Freebie

2020 Financial Planner

Brand new in my Etsy shop is a 2020 Financial Planner I just put together!

(Check out my Food and Fitness planner here too!)

Actually I made it for myself and a few people in my Facebook group asked if I was selling it and I decided to polish it up a bit and add it to my Etsy shop.  I’ve been wanting to get more offerings in there anyway.  In addition, if you do decide to purchase it, just know that you are helping my son and I with bills and groceries as we await my husband’s social security income decision (for my new readers, he passed away in September…)  Things are really tight at the moment and you would be helping me to build my online business and provide for my son and I in my husband’s absense.

If you’d like a freebie page of it, click HERE

If you would like to purchase the whole thing, it’s in two parts (due to Etsy size restrictions) at the following links:

January through June, 2020

July through December, 2020

Here are thumbnail images of what’s inside.  I’m giving you a thumbnail view which has a watermark on it.  The original is created at 300 dpi for nice clear printing and does not have the watermark on it.  When you see the images created for January, every month has a matching page for it.


Check out my Etsy shop for this planner and other printable items

Thank you for your consideration!


I usually print these out on 28 pound white paper (or 32 pound paper is even better) and just stick them right into my planner or journal. The heavier the paper, the less chance it will tear out of your binder or planner by accident and helps resist bleeding or ghosting from your pens or markers. It helps the page turn easier too.

Worried about ink-heavy pages?  Do like I did and enlist in the HP Instant Ink program! I’ve saved so much money on ink since I did a year and a half ago. They have different plans, but the one I’m in (the most pages) is that I can print up to 300 pages worth of ink for just over $9.99 per month. You can choose lesser pages for a lower rate, but I do a lot of printing between coupons, planner stickers and other things. Click on the image here to check it out! –>

HP Instant Ink


Thanksgiving Planner A5 Traveler’s Notebook Insert -Printable

Thanksgiving Planner A5

Fresh up in my Etsy shop is a 50-page Thanksgiving planner!  It’s a printable traveler’s notebook insert (a digital download) in the A5 size.  This is enough space for anyone to plan this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations!  I hope you give it a chance and help me to grow my shop. It’s just a tiny corner of Etsy but I think it offers a lot and I’ll be adding continually.

In fact, next up will be a Christmas planner, so keep an eye out for that!

Click HERE to go to the listing in my Etsy shop to check out this Thanksgiving planner.  Thanks for looking!

Here are the previews for what’s inside (watermarks not included on purchased product):

Thanksgiving planner preview 1

Thanksgiving planner preview 2 Continue reading