Create Your Own Stencils from Laminating Pouches -DIY Build Your Stash

worrying about my husband’s health and prognosis as he was recently diagnosed with squamous cell cancer (new post in my Ponderings of My Predicaments series to come soon about that…).

Busy day for me 🙂 I went to visit my mom, did a little shopping, came home and worked on laundry, now I’m on my laptop getting some online work done 😉

I hope you enjoy learning how you can make your own stencils and save money building your stash! 🙂

This week is how to make your own stencils from your favorite fonts.


DIY Homemade Glimmer Mist Build Your Stash YouTube Video

DIY glimmer mist

Around the same time I made my DIY alcohol inks, I also made my own DIY glimmer mist.  It’s along the same method, but you add a clear glue to the bottle as well.  It adds a nice shimmer, glittery sparkle to your work, and who can’t use a little more sparkle in their lives? 🙂  It’s just the same 2-ounce spray bottles as in the alcohol ink video, alcohol, any clear-drying glue, and any loose eye shadow (I used LA Colors from Dollar Tree, but I just found a great assortment of it on Amazon for a great price here!)


Supplies I used:

(these are affilate links and any time you click on an affiliate link I provide in my post, I get a tiny commission at no cost to you)

2-ounce spray bottles with caps


Mod Podge (or any type of clear-drying glue)

Loose eye shadow (I got mine at Dollar Tree, but you can get a great variety of it on Amazon here)


DIY Homemade Alcohol Ink Build Your Stash YouTube Video

DIY Alcohol Ink
So in the midst of all the family drama, I’ve been keeping my mind occupied in my newly-put together craft room.  I decided to get busy on my YouTube channel and be of use to the Kingdom 🙂  There are so many great ideas for Christian art journaling and Bible journaling and I know a lot of you are struggling to keep on top of it all due to all the expensive supplies!

I decided to start this series on my YouTube channel and my blogs to help us all learn to make so many of our own supplies!  That also helps us to be better stewards of the money the Lord gave us to care for ourselves, our families, and His Kingdom!

This very first installment is how to make your own alcohol inks 🙂   I got the markers at Dollar Tree, the alcohol I had on hand, and I got new 2-oz. spray bottles on Amazon.  I’ll post the affiliate link under the video link here.  (Of course, anytime you click on an affiliate link I get a little kickback myself at no additional cost to you).

Why pay big bucks for the expensive kind available at craft stores and hobby shops when you can create your own and save money?

These markers were a dollar a pack, but you can also use a 40% off coupon usually available at most craft stores and buy a pack of Sharpie markers too (make sure they are the markers, not the pens).

Please leave a comment so I can see if you made yours!



2-ounce spray bottles with caps

Sharpie markers