Scripture Writing Plans on Hold Temporarily

Pausing Temporarily

Hello everyone 🙂  I’ve so missed compiling the scripture writing plans every month for you all!

Sadly, it couldn’t be helped and I have to put them on hold just temporarily.

My landlady has decided to sell the house we’ve been living in for nearly eight years now, so I’m in panic mode trying to pack a whole house all by myself and trying to raise the money for moving expenses before I can even find a new house to move to.

Fortunately I don’t have a move out date YET (I stalk the mailbox every day while holding my breath 🙂 )  What’s happened is that my landlady lives over an hour from us and I’ve never even met her face to face.  We’ve texted when the need arises, but as far as renting the house to us in the first place, she’s worked through her realtor.  That’s how she’s working on taking the house back to sell too.

Her realtor called me few weeks ago and said that she wanted to sell the house.  He came over and took measurements (which I thought was odd given that they should have them on file).  I asked him about that and he just kind of moved on to a new question or statement…

Anyway…my son and I have to move.  My son just turned 20 (hard to believe that!!!) but has autism and is non-verbal.  We’re both disabled. Evan due to his autism and me for several things most notably spinal stenosis with degenerative disc syndrome and arthritis in my back and knees. Add to that the fact that I recently suffered a fractured vertebrae (L1) while trying to pull a couch out of our garage to give away and clear the garage out of my husband’s hoarding collection. That happened in November and I had back surgery for that this past December.

At any rate…I have to put the scripture writing plans on hold just until we get moved and settled.  Please don’t give up on me and please check back.  I’ll be sending out a post with an update once things have calmed down (and please dear Jesus, let them calm down!!) 🙂

I’m trying to raise the funds to pay for movers and the deposit wherever it is we wind up moving to.  Until the funds are found/raised, etc. I’m just packing away.  I had to take this week off a lot of packing because my son is on spring break and I cant’ spend a lot of time in another floor of the house with him home.

I’ve reluctantly (humbly…) set up a Go Fund Me campaign to try to get enough for our move.  If you feel led to help us out, you can click here to go to that page:

Scripture Writing Plans on Hold

Blog Appearance Issues

I’m sure you’ve noticed a difference in the appearance of my blog. I let the most recent update with WordPress be installed a while back and it left it looking like this (even using a child theme, for those who know that term). I tried to install a previous version of WordPress and it caused my whole blog to crash which left it down for a few days.

I had to pay my web hosting company to fix it for me and they were supposed to take it back to the version of WordPress before it messed up but they wound up taking it back to this again.  I haven’t had time to devote to working on the back end of the blog, but hope to soon.

Mainly it has my header too small and the sidebar backgrounds are white instead of transparent. Also my header images are showing up twice.

But it’s readable now, so just bare with me till I can get it fixed 🙂  Thanks!

Currently Under Construction

Just a reminder that this is a brand new blog and I’m hard at work constructing it 🙂  I’m spiffying up the place and getting colors, graphics, widgets, and so forth in place.

If something looks odd, come back soon and it will be different 🙂  Hopefully different good, not different bad lol.

Please come back !

Currently Under Construction