Blog Appearance Issues

I’m sure you’ve noticed a difference in the appearance of my blog. I let the most recent update with WordPress be installed a while back and it left it looking like this (even using a child theme, for those who know that term). I tried to install a previous version of WordPress and it caused my whole blog to crash which left it down for a few days.

I had to pay my web hosting company to fix it for me and they were supposed to take it back to the version of WordPress before it messed up but they wound up taking it back to this again.  I haven’t had time to devote to working on the back end of the blog, but hope to soon.

Mainly it has my header too small and the sidebar backgrounds are white instead of transparent. Also my header images are showing up twice.

But it’s readable now, so just bare with me till I can get it fixed 🙂  Thanks!

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