“Creative You” Planner Stickers and Stamps at Walmart

"Creative You" Planner products at Walmart

I’ve been telling my Facebook group that I would make a flip-through video of the new “Creative You” planner/journaling products available at Walmart.  I finally did the video today!

The price on this line is great! Each sticker pack I reviewed in the video below was less than $3. (I think the stamp set was around the same price, but don’t remember for sure).

Please overlook my lightly issue in this video.  The best lighting in our house is in the kitchen by the sliding glass door and my husband and son were home, so not the best time to shoot a video in the kitchen. I did this in my craft room with the normal lighting and an Ott-Lite  that’s great for working on crafts and sewing up close, but not so great for shooting videos 🙂

If you want to see just a close-up of the stickers and stamps with less chat, fast forward to the 19:25 mark.

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Bible Art Journaling Tutorial for Amateurs and Non-Artists

Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you are all well and those in the south east portion of the US are staying dry and safe in light of the approaching Hurricane Irma!  You are all in my prayers.

Bible Art Journaling

I promised I would film a tutorial showing my amateur/beginner’s method of Bible art journaling.  I’ll post the video from my YouTube channel below and below the video share a few notes and give you the links to the items I used.

God’s blessings upon you all!

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I just got a good video editing program I’m learning to edit my videos with.  In addition to that, YouTube has made some changes and there are a few places I wish I could have made annotations on! They have stopped the annotations feature, so I’ll

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