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About Sapphire

Why Sapphire?

My real name is Helen and I’ve been online since 1995.  Back when everyone thought I was crazy when they heard I was talking to people on a computer 🙂 Literally – crazy! 😉

My first experience online was on a BBS (Bulletin Board System). Think internet only on a local level. A local phone call (yes, the land line when you used your phone line) connecting you with local people.

My very first name on the very first BBS I was on was Diamond.  As a girl who has always been on the plus size side, I chose that name based on the phrase I heard ALL. THE. TIME. growing up:  “Such a pretty face, if only you’d lose the weight.”  So I was a diamond in the rough. The potential to be a beauty “if only” I would be cut and polished.

That went ok for a while till I experienced my first online stalker.  It was NOT a fun experience.  I had to leave that BBS and change my name on the others ones.

Staying with the gemstone theme, and blue being my favorite color I chose Sapphire and it stuck.  During my BBS days (before the internet itself really took off) all my online friends (many of whom I was friends with in person as well) knew me as Sapph.

Then AOL happened and I needed a name.  “Sapphire” was taken by a computer systems company and I refused to be Sapphire with a bunch of numbers at the end (I’m way too creative for that), so I managed to get Safhire.  That’s been me for years. All over the internet -Safhire was usually me.

In 2013 I started a blog called Calvary Couponers (CalvaryCouponers.com) which I still write.  I still enjoy that blog and intend to keep that going in tandem with this one, but I discovered a problem with that blog.  The name.  Not the Calvary part (Jesus is my life!) but the Couponers part. It limited what people expected from me on my blog.  I’d post about other things and hear back from potential readers, “I thought that was just a coupon blog.”  I write about a lot more than coupons there, but hey…I get it. The name.

At the start of 2017, I decided to start a brand spankin’ new blog with a name that was wide open to interpretation and people would want to come and see the blog before making the assumption about what it was all about.  In deciding what to name said blog, I went back to my beginnings with Sapphire (the spelling people expect) and Sincerely came naturally as a big chunk of what I blog about is that which relates to my Christian faith -the part of my life I’m the most sincere about.

About Me

Like I said above, my real name is Helen.  I live in North Central, Ohio in the Mansfield area again (after living away for 14 1/2 years), my home town.  I’ve been married since December 2001 (right after 9/11 which made flying to Hawaii for our honeymoon interesting…).

We have one child, a son born in 2003. The joy of my life. My only child. He is the sweetest, cutest, most handsome and loving boy on the planet. Oh – and he just happens to have autism and as a result is non-verbal.  But he gets his point across in many other ways 🙂

We have a miniature dachshund named Rudy who is my little black and brown shadow. He has to be with me everywhere!

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am an evangelical, blood bought, born again Christian.  If you follow me long enough you will see that weaved throughout this entire blog. This is part of my mission field and you will hear about Jesus or I’m not fulfilling my calling. I don’t apologize for that and won’t 🙂

This blog is about my faith, my interest in crafts, planning, journaling, Bible prophecy (think end times, Rapture, etc.), Bible art journaling and so much more, I’m sure.

Join me for my new adventure here, won’t you?


Sapphire (Helen)

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