Ponderings of My Predicaments – The Great Yellow Jacket Escape

Ponderings of My Predicaments The Great Yellow Jacket Escape

See this yellow jacket here? —>

Yellow Jacket

One just like this one is at the center of one of the worst days of my life to date.

On July 19th I was on our deck sweeping the leaves and debris away in preparation to assemble the new patio umbrella I’d gotten for my birthday 10 days earlier (it’s still not together). My 15 year old non-verbal autistic son, Evan, was inside and I could see him in the house on the other side of the sliding glass door that separated our kitchen from the deck.

In the corner of the deck there was a cover that usually goes over one of our patio chairs covered in leaves. I picked it up not knowing it contained a yellow jacket nest.

Yellow jackets swarmed me and one got in my ear!  I quickly went into panic mode and raced into the house and up the 7 stairs to the bathroom where the mirror was I was hoping would help me to see the nasty little creature to extract him from my ear.  The loud buzzing was disorienting me, besides the fear of the bee being in my ear to begin with. But this was just the beginning of the traumatic day for my family and I.

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Sick Boy Worried Mom

Sick Boy Worried MomSo this past week and a half I put everything else on hold while caring for my sickie kiddo. That meant no blogging, no graphics work, just sitting in bed next to my sweet boy in between changing sheets, encouraging him to drink something, giving him a steady supply of alternated liquid Tylenol and liquid Motrin.

Have I mentioned that my son is 14 but he has autism? Totally non-verbal. He can’t tell me what his symptoms are, so I have to play junior detective to try to figure out what’s wrong.

It all started a week ago last Tuesday when he came home from school with a note that said he didn’t eat breakfast or lunch.  I knew something was up when he didn’t eat at least lunch.  He’s never been big on breakfast foods.

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