Bible Art Journaling Tutorial for Amateurs and Non-Artists

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I hope you are all well and those in the south east portion of the US are staying dry and safe in light of the approaching Hurricane Irma!  You are all in my prayers.

Bible Art Journaling

I promised I would film a tutorial showing my amateur/beginner’s method of Bible art journaling.  I’ll post the video from my YouTube channel below and below the video share a few notes and give you the links to the items I used.

God’s blessings upon you all!

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I just got a good video editing program I’m learning to edit my videos with.  In addition to that, YouTube has made some changes and there are a few places I wish I could have made annotations on! They have stopped the annotations feature, so I’ll

put where those would have gone below.   I’ll keep that in mind as I film future videos 🙂


3:13  “I decided to talk while tracing instead 🙂 “

7:35  “if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” –Romans 10:9

39:10 That should be Ezekiel 38 and 39, not 28 and 29!


Here are the things I used in my Bible art journaling in this video:


My ESV Interleaved Bible:  ESV Interleaved Bible

I love this Bible because every other page is totally blank.  So when you do your artwork, you aren’t coloring or drawing over any of the Bible’s precious text!  It’s also ideal for someone who likes to keep their notes IN their Bibles close at hand.  I hope to do both in mine! 🙂


Light box:  Light box I used


Pencil sharpener:   Pencil sharpener



USB charger:  USB Charger

This USB charger is because the lightbox listed above plugs in to a USB port to charge. That’s fine if you want to hook it up by laptop or a phone charger, but if you want to just sit at a table and use it with an electric outlet, this lets you do that.

Pencil case:  pencil case

Prismacolor pencils:  Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Amazon has an AMAZING price on these pencils right now! It’s much more expensive in craft stores.

Prismacolor colorless blender pencils:  Prismacolor Blender Pencil

Erasers:  Erasers


I’d love to hear your comments in the comments section!  If this helps you learn, I would be thrilled to see your projects!

Thanks and God bless!

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