April 2021 Doodle Challenge Resurrection Day

I like to keep the Easter month’s doodle challenge the same every year.  Resurrection Day is the high holy day (literally) for all Christian believers around the world, and this year it’s April. There’s much we should bear in mind about Christ’s death and resurrection, and of course the resurrection is an enormous reason for celebration and keeping in rememberance all He’s done for us!

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April 2021 Scripture Writing Plan –God Hears Us

April 2021 scripture writing plan header

The theme for April’s scripture writing plan is “God Hears Us!”

I think there are a lot of us that need reminded that He does indeed hear us when we go to Him. 2020 was so crazy and scary and 2021 so far hasn’t been a whole lot better; so with that in mind I think this reminder will serve us all well.

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March 2021 Scripture Writing Plan –Strength

March 2021 Scripture writing plan header

I apologize to those of you looking for the February 2021 scripture writing plan here on my blog. One of my moderators posted a scripture writing plan for me in my FB group for the group and I didn’t get it posted on my blogs. I really apologize for that.
It was a tough month for me and on top of  all of that,  my beloved dog, Rudy (17 year old mini dachshund) passed away, so having lost my husband 17 months ago and now

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January 2021 Scripture Writing Plan –Our Identity in Christ

January 2021 scripture writing plan header
This was a request from a follower of my Facebook page and I decided to use it now because with all the world is going through with the Covid-19 pandemic, quarantines, shut downs, economic problems resulting from all that, and other issues in our lives, we need to be reminded of WHOSE we are! We need to remember that this is not all there

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November 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -Be Thankful

November 2020 Scripture Writing Plan Header

For November, the month of Thanksgiving, I think it’s important to remember to focus on giving thanks. It always is, of course, but in November it’s a good reminder to give the Lord thanks at all times, but also those we come into contact with who bless us, or through whom we learn life and eternal lessons. I think most everyone will fit in one of those two categories, right?

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