The Scribe Bible Journal -Review

Scribe Bible Journal Review

This week I’m reviewing a brand new Bible journal called “The Scribe Bible Journal“.  I really liked it and if you’d like to check it out or maybe buy one for yourself, you can do that HERE.

I’m going to keep my blog post introduction for this short as I’m experiencing some technical difficulty.  The touchpad on my laptop has decided to freeze up and I had to dig around in my desk drawers and find an old mouse to plug into till I can figure out the problem and it’s really awkward. I’ve tried a few suggestions I dug up in a Google search,but every time I reboot the laptop, it’s fine for about five minutes then the cursor freezes up again.

So, the information I want to share with you is in the video below anyway, so I submit that for your information (and hopefully blessing) here —>


Here is a selection of pages you can get a better view of, if you’d like.  Just click on the image and it will open up as a bigger page:




And here is my humble version of the first day spread:



You can store your journals in the convenient and sturdy cases they come in and you can label the sides easily.

Scribe Bible Journal Review

So take a look at the journal for yourself by clicking HERE!

Have a great day!


Disclaimer:  I received one journal to review and present my opinions to my readers.  However, I promise to you all that I will only express my honest feelings about a product and will never exaggerate it.


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