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Mindful Monday Devotional – The Plumb Line

Mindful Monday Devotional - The Plumb Line

How many of you are like me and are just stunned at the popular culture we live in today?  I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m not ancient either 🙂  I remember the days (not that

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Mindful Monday Devotional -Don’t Neglect the Eternal!

Mindful monday devotional - Dont neglect the eternal

We’re all so busy with the rush of daily life.  Get the kids off to school, get the house clean, go to your meeting, doctor’s appointment, get home in time to take the husband’s suit to the dry cleaners but

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Mindful Monday Devotional – Back to Life!

Mindful Monday Devotional -Back to Life

This week I would like to contemplate the phrase, “Back to Life”.  What does that mean when we consider that phrase?  Most of us Christians would first think about Jesus’ death and resurrection, of course.  Aside from that, what does

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Mindful Monday “In Awe of Love”

Mindful Monday devotional - In Awe of Love

While reading this devotional the other night, in my YouVersion app, this one really struck home.  At first because of the story of Rich Mullins and his “Ragamuffin band“.  I’ve loved Rich’s music  for a long time and I came

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Mindful Monday Devotional – Feeling Anxious

Mindful Monday - Fighting Anxiety

This week we’re talking about a topic that most of us know really well:  Anxiety.  So many of us seems to fight it on a daily basis.  If not, we give in and let it overwhelm us while we climb

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Mindful Monday for 7/24/17 – Staying Centered

Mindful Monday Devotional for 7-24-17 Staying Centered

The Mindful Monday devotional for this week is about Staying Centered. There are so many programs and hot topics in Christian circles these days that at times we need to just take a deep breath and sit down and get

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Mindful Monday 2/27/17 From Dreaming to Doing

Mindful Monday 2/27 From Dreaming to Doing

I can really relate to today’s devotional.  It’s so true that our minds are a battlefield! I got myself a traveler’s notebook from Chic Sparrow for Christmas and since I wanted to use it for journaling and planning,  I chose

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Mindful Monday Devotional – In The Wilderness

Mindful Monday Devotional for 2-5-17 in the wilderness

This is the first of my Mindful Monday devotionals on this blog. I look forward to sharing devotionals weekly in hopes to bless all of you and growing from it myself! Have you ever been in the wilderness?  That place

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