Site Crashing Should Be Fixed!

UPDATE 10/25/17:  It really SHOULD be fixed now! Arghh! 🙂 After a week of trying to figure it out on my own and giving up, I paid my web host to migrate my two blogs so it would be done right. Then after they told me that both were ready to go, neither one was (this one wouldn’t let me upload pictures and CalvaryCouponers wouldn’t even load -I’m still waiting for them to get that one right!) But I just posted a new post here (the November Scripture Writing Plan) and it seemed to work fine, so please pray the other blog gets fixed so I can be back to business on both of them! 🙂  The whole thing was to upgraded to a better account so when a lot of people visit my site at once it won’t crash like it did a few weeks ago.

It's Fixed

I discovered after sharing my Freebie Friday post the other night that so many people wanted my freebie and was accessing my two blogs at the same time and it crashed my blogs.  A good problem for a blogger to have but at the same time frustrating for the blogger and her reader both!  Saturday morning I reached out to my web host and upgraded my account to a business account and the bandwidth is supposed to be unmetered, so I hope that fixes the crashing! 🙂  Hopefully it should be a thing of the past.  Yay!

Please please let me know if you have an issue with it crashing, freezing, or lagging. ( In this one issue I hope I don’t get a reply lol)