Month: October 2018

Doodle Challenge for November 2018

November 2018 Doodle Challenge

This challenge is participated in by the members of my Facebook group, Christian Planner, Journal, and Craft Fellowship and any of you who would like to join us! You can join us in the group or join along on Instagram.

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Thanksgiving Planner A5 Traveler’s Notebook Insert -Printable

Thanksgiving Planner A5

Fresh up in my Etsy shop is a 50-page Thanksgiving planner!  It’s a printable traveler’s notebook insert (a digital download) in the A5 size.  This is enough space for anyone to plan this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations!  I hope you give

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Scripture Writing Plan for November 2018

Scripture Writing plan for November 2018

I’m so thankful that so many of you are enjoying and spiritually benefiting from these monthly scripture writing plans! I love putting them together for you knowing that you find them useful and uplifting!  And that was not a pun

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End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 10-21-18

End of the Age Updates 10-21-18

I hope you all are well and adjusting to the changing seasons. Here in Ohio we’re a few days behind in taking the air conditioner out of our bedroom window (I’m nagging my husband to help me 🙂 )  and

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Autumn Road Printable Planner Stickers and Individual Files for Digital Planners

Autumn Road printable planner stickers

I’m trying to increase the selection of printable planner stickers in my Etsy shop as well as start adding sets of individual files for those of us enjoying the new digital planning/digital bullet journal method.  I just added two listings

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End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 10-01-18

End of the Age Prophecy Updates 10-01-18

Hello everyone!  I hope you are well and adjusting to a new season as Fall as entered my part of the hemisphere recently.  I normally post the End of the Age Updates on Sundays, and today is Monday. I am

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Mindful Monday Devotional -Brave on the inside

Mindful Monday devotional -Brave on the Inside

This devotional really hit home with me this week. As an autism mama and daughter of an Alzheimer’s mom, I know the scars we develop from caring for others all too well. My mom knew the scars very well –absolutely.

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