End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 9/16/18

End of the Age Updates for 9-16-18
Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Lord’s day! I’ve been super busy!

I’m teaching the Book of Revelation to one of my Facebook groups (and will be leading an offline Bible study through it as well…I was just asked the other night), but also I’m designing a set of digital planners to sell in my Etsy shop.  They are all the rage in the ‘planner universe’ but also, mine will have a Christian theme for those of us who are believers and strive to keep that at the forefront of our lives.  I really wish I could just give them away, but I’m in desperate need to raise a little money for denture work and Christmas. I’m just a poor mom and housewife in north central Ohio 🙂

I missed doing my End of the Age Updates last week due to my son being sick with a nasty bug (then my husband and I getting it as well) and working on my Revelation lessons and digital planners.  I didn’t want to let another week go by without presenting you with the updates we prophecy buffs (and hopefully Christians in general!) rely on as we watch for the return of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior.



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Pastor J.D. Farag:

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