Mindful Monday Devotional – Are You Rapture Ready?

Mindful Monday Devotional - Are You Rapture Ready?

This week’s Mindful Monday devotional is very near and dear to my heart.  The devotional is given by Anne Graham Lotz. You may know her best as the daughter of Billy Graham.  As many of my readers and those who know me are aware, the Rapture and Bible prophecy as a whole is a calling of mine, and has been since a few years before I gave my heart to Christ when I was a senior in high school. Both of my grandfathers were pastors so I grew up in my mom’s dad’s church in my early years.  The closest I became aware of what the end times were back then was from singing the song, “I’ll Fly Away.”  As a child, I just thought the song was about the time of our deaths.

Through a whole series of events I now realize were orchestrated by my Father, God, I was educated about the Rapture and subsequent tribulation period to be endured by those who would be Left Behind.  I definitely did not want to be left behind to

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