Mindful Monday Devotional – The Plumb Line

Mindful Monday Devotional - The Plumb Line

How many of you are like me and are just stunned at the popular culture we live in today?  I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m not ancient either 🙂  I remember the days (not that long ago!)  when good was promoted and evil was looked down upon.  We always wanted to be the cowboy in the white hat and wanted the villain in the black hat to go down. As a Christian, years ago I backslid for a time.  As the granddaughter of two pastors, I knew the Bible and the teachings of Christ well enough to know that I was in sin. I never questioned that and I didn’t explain it away as being anything but what it was.  In fact, I wouldn’t let anyone around me know that I was a Christian, because I didn’t want to cast a bad testimony upon our Lord or on the reputation of His church. Sin was sin and I knew it.  I think I shocked a handful of people who had met me during my backslidden years when I got online and started posting scripture and calls to come to Christ because they had no clue I had a deep faith deep within me that I never demonstrated while in my backslidden state.

When you turn the TV on now, open a magazine, listen in on a conversation while out and about, sin is considered good and appropriate, even (sad to say) while calling ourselves Christians.  I know those who live an “alternative lifestyle” that the Bible plainly calls sin who acknowledge their lifestyles openly and say God is ok with it and that they are ready to meet Him when they die. They embrace the thought that He approves of the lifestyle.

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